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Advanced Drone Technology



Advanced Drone Technology is a delivery system using encapsulated super-peptides to directly treat targeted skin cells. It works to reverse, repair and prevent future damage at a cellular level. This advanced system delivers potent active ingredients to quickly provide outstanding results. GlyMed Plus uses 2 advanced drones to combat the signs of aging, treat hyperpigmentation and bring back youthful baby-like skin!

Wrinkle Remedy



Bring back the youth of baby-like skin. This velvety luxurious formula saturates your skin with the most advanced wrinkle solution using scientific technology for cell aging reversal. Wrinkle Remedy with Advanced Drone Technology is calibrated to restore collagen to a youthful cell level, refilling your wrinkles the natural way by lifting sagging skin targeting the cells as intelligent receptors located on the cell surface. This advanced wrinkle solution boosts hyaluronic-like acid found abundantly in infant’s skin, for a more youthful, younger looking and firmer skin.

Advanced Drone Technology in Wrinkle Remedy

The Advanced Drone Technology targets skin neurons to stimulate botox-like effects to minimize the communication channels for muscle contractions while boosting collagen production to help smooth and soften expression lines. Results are unbelievably smooth skin.


· Improves firmness and tightens skin

· Smooths expression lines and wrinkles

· Boosts hydration and prevents dehydration

· Stimulates Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) to maintain and support the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

· Safe for ALL skin types 

Q & A - Wrinkle Remedy

Q: Who would benefit from using Wrinkle Remedy?
A: Everyone can benefit from utilizing Wrinkle Remedy in their daily skin care routine, especially those looking to prevent or reverse the signs of aging.

Q: Can you use Wrinkle Remedy while Pregnant?
A: Yes, Wrinkle Remedy is non teratogenic and is safe to use while pregnant or nursing

Q: How should I incorporate this product into my skin care regimen?
A: Wrinkle Remedy is a step 2 treatment product with a light creamy consistency. You should apply Wrinkle Remedy after lighter weight serums morning and evening.

Q: Can I use Wrinkle Remedy as my daily Moisturizer?
A: Yes, studies show that even just 5% of Drone Technology moisturizes skin for the entire day. Wrinkle Remedy includes multiple hydrating ingredients and also promotes the production of GAGs within the skin. If you are very dry or prefer a heavier consistency, you will need to layer another GlyMed Plus moisturizer on top

Q: Why is this encapsulation more advanced than other encapsulated ingredients?
A: Advanced Drone Technology uses a dual layer encapsulation incorporating ligand peptides. Ligand peptides target and bind to specific proteins creating a signal allowing the drone to enter the cell and release the active ingredient directly inside enhancing results. 


Diamond Bright Skin Lightener



Diamond Bright Skin Lightener reduces pigmentation and brightens the skin through cutting edge technology, evening out skin tone and dark spots for a younger and smoother looking complexion. Diamond Bright Skin Lightener controls UV induced pigmentation, through advanced drone science, which targets the damaged melanocytes.

Lightening Drone Technology

Lightening Drone Technology targets the injured melanocyte ONLY and helps reverse the damage in the skin, along with lightening up the skin quickly. Lightening Drone Technology is safe for all skin types and can be used with other lightening products, especially for skin of color.


· Revolutionary Lightening Drone Technology

· Specifically Targets Damaged Melanocytes

· Control UV Induced Pigmentation

· Reduce Inflammation Contributing to Pigmentation and Aging

· Can be Used While Pregnant

· For ALL Skin Types

Q & A - Diamond Bright Skin Lightener

Q: Is this product safe for pregnant women to use?
A: Yes, the ingredients in this product are non-teratogenic, and are safe for use during pregnancy, making this new product one of the most effective products available for pigmentation while pregnant.

Q: What is Lightening Drone Technology?
A: Lightening Drone Technology works through the encapsulation of active peptides that specifically target the over active melanocytes and allows the technology to penetrate the cell to release the active lightening ingredients, resulting in normal melanin production. This technology only targets the damaged melanocytes, making it very effective in targeting the source of unwanted pigmentation.

Q: Do I need to wear sunscreen when using this product?
A: As always, we recommend wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen. This product acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor by reducing pigmentation in the skin and it is important to protect the skin from further damage.

Q: Where is it layered in a client’s treatment?
A: It is a Step 2 Treat product, so it is best applied after your Step 1 products. It will be one of the first leave-on products that one will apply in a treatment or home care regimen and can be applied daily in the morning and evening.

Q: What skin types can use this?
A: It is recommended for all skin types, particularly if one is combating aging, and pigmentation. Everyone can benefit from using this product. This product will also work with any skin tone and bringing a brighter more even tone.

Q: Is Diamond Bright Skin Lightener Gluten Free?
A: Yes, this product is gluten free.