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De-Summering Your Skin

Posted by GlyMed Plus Education Team on

The end of summer is approaching. Have you noticed that your skin is looking a little … “rough” lately? Summertime activities that include spending long hours in the sun have a huge impact on not only our skin but our immune system as well. Salt water, chlorine, wind, sand and, especially, the sun ALL contribute to the depletion of essential nutrients that, in time, will damage and age our skin.

Skin is the largest organ in the body and it is our number one defense against UV exposure, chemical irritants, pathogens and external bacteria. Overexposure results in irritation, followed by an impaired barrier, and then, ultimately, a loss of protection which allows harmful substances into the body. That is why it is so important that you hydrate and protect your skin, not only in the summer months, but year-round.

When exposed to harsh elements, your skin will thicken the stratum corneum (the outer-most layer of your skin) to protect itself from damage. This will result in a build-up of dead skin cells that lead to dull, tired and textured skin! This build-up may also result in acne and may prevent your skin care ingredients from working properly because they cannot penetrate into the skin.

GlyMed Plus removes this worry and is here to help get your skin back on track with our amazing multi-tasker YOUTH Firm® Age Defying Peel! YOUTH Firm® is the answer to normalizing skin functions and bringing it back to life.

YOUTH Firm® Age Defying Peel is one-of-a-kind, featuring a powerful enzyme called Protease. Protease is derived from a Japanese mushroom called Mucor Miehei and is considered the leader in the realm of enzymes. It’s a multi-functioning enzyme that not only has the ability to exfoliate keratinized surface cells but it also mimics a naturally occurring enzyme in our body called Cathepsin-D. Cathepsin-D regulates the natural exfoliation process, which will maintain skin health while providing a healthy glow. And the best part is YOUTH Firm can be used year-round and creates less than 5% photo-sensitivity, so it is amazing during the summer months!

You can add YOUTH Firm® into your regimen, using it twice a month to keep skin healthy and active or once a week for more advanced anti-aging or prep for stronger treatments. Your options are endless with YOUTH Firm as you can use it in so many ways.

  • Can be used to prep or introduce a client to chemical peels
  • Lift superficial hyperpigmentation and sun damage
  • Release and prevent dead skin build up (can result to acne, fine lines and wrinkles)
  • A weekly normalizer to keep skin active. Active skin = youthful skin
  • Can be used during and after a chemical peel series to maintain results
  • Specialty in Treatment or Homecare regimens

This product gives you the tool to be successful in re-setting summer skin! To learn more about this amazing product, please call our friendly Licensed Master Aestheticians at 800-676-9667 or email us at

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