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6 Simple Steps to Mastering Retail

Posted by GlyMed Plus Education Team on

Part of being successful as a skin care professional is skill, knowledge, technique, and retail. Services are often the focus for growth and it is important, but it’s retail that really supports and maintains a strong business model. Retail is what will help carry your business to great heights, even when business traffic is low. By offering retail, you are adding value for your clients in achieving and obtaining results. If clients are only caring for their skin while they are with us, they will not see the results they’re looking for.

Retailing is quite simple and doesn’t need to be scary or complicated. We do not need to recommend every product to everyone, but rather the right products to each client.

Here are 6 Simple Steps to Mastering Retail

  1. Treat each retail interaction like a conversation. If we are just trying to sell and are not interested in the benefits of using homecare, the client is less likely to purchase because they don’t want a sales pitch, they want BENEFITS!
  2. Educate instead of selling. Education is the key when it comes to homecare. If we are simply educating our clients on how important homecare is for their skin and their concerns, you won’t ever need to sell anything. The products will sell themselves.
  3. Have your retail products in plain sight. If they can’t see it or take it home with them, they are less likely to purchase.
  4. Make it easy for your clients to purchase from you. Having a retail store in person or online will help them make decisions even if you aren’t with them. Giving them information to go home with and look over will help them make purchases in the future.
  5. Don’t be pushy. If they are unable to buy retail right away, don’t push them away. Let them know you understand and when they are ready to purchase, you will be happy to help.
  6. Always ask! Even if they have never purchased homecare before, it doesn’t mean they never will. At one point they will understand that homecare is going to be the only thing that will give them the results they are looking for.