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How To Increase Your Skin Care Business’ Profits

Posted by GlyMed Plus Education Team on

Understanding REGEN Business Solutions

The first step to increasing your profits is understanding the business model of the company that you’re working with. There are currently two primary types of product providers in the professional skin care industry. The first group are traditional wholesalers, who make up the vast majority of professional skin care product companies in the market. We believe that GlyMed Plus currently stands alone as the only business solutions provider. As a business solutions provider we have a different set of core business objectives.

But what does the term “Business Solutions” actually mean?

We define business solutions as an optimized combination of 1) industry-leading regenerative products coupled with 2) business services including our Institute of Skin Science and 3) a growing set of innovative technologies. A business solutions provider works alongside you to optimize your business and help you to succeed. This includes establishing an effective business relationship, providing industry-leading products, access to high quality education, and sharing modern business strategies that align us with your skin care business goals. The chart below explains some of the key differences between a traditional product wholesaler and a business solutions partner.

Our Technology Strategy - Use Technology to Grow Your Business

Save Time with REGEN Pro - Your 24/7/365 Wholesale Shopping Experience

As a skin care professional, you need to be able to quickly and easily place orders for product. REGEN Pro was created to save you time. Ordering from your computer, tablet, or phone only takes a few taps. Reordering is simplified by using your Order History to quickly reorder your favorite products. With REGEN Pro, you’re always just seconds away from placing your next order!

Reimagine Your Retail Sales

REGEN Retail was created so you can offer a modern eCommerce shopping experience for your clientele. You can now offer our entire product line of retail, travel and trial sizes to your clients and their friends and family members. You earn a significant revenue share on every dollar ordered in your REGEN Retail store. Your store costs you nothing to set up, has no monthly or annual fees and we pay YOU every month for the orders your clients place.

Your clients can order from your web store 24/7 and we process the order and merchant fees, collect the sales tax where applicable, and ship it directly to your clients; all without you lifting a finger. The best part? We pay you for every order. We estimate that you can more than double your retail sales by fully incorporating your customized REGEN Retail store into your business.

Refine Your Inventory Process

Carrying the right amount of inventory without it either collecting dust or selling out is tough. It takes time, trial and error, and trend predictions. On top of that, you only have so much space to store products, so you can’t typically carry your skin care line’s full offering. We’ve found that often our accounts are not even selling the retail products their clients most desire.

With REGEN Retail, you can optimize your inventory by keeping your back bar and other professional products well stocked while maintaining a smaller inventory of retail and travel sizes. Further, the simplicity and “always on” availability of our REGEN Pro wholesale ordering system with no minimum ordering sizes means you can order more frequently and this will also reduce or eliminate any “sell by” date challenges.

Optimize Your Business

The success of your web store hinges on your ability to work it into the routine of your clients. Walk your clients through their registration and first order. This will help them to become comfortable with your web store. As your clients become more comfortable with ordering from you online, you can begin to transition your inventory to carrying less retail and focusing more on carrying the optimal amount of products needed for your treatments. This will improve your cashflow by greatly reducing your inventory carrying costs. By freeing up your cashflow, you can explore adding new treatments to your menu or perhaps just start taking more money home with you!

First-time client retention (FTCR) is a constant struggle. We have some top secret future plans for boosting your FTCR, but in the meantime get your clients ordering through your web store. Whether they come in weekly, monthly, or once every six months, you will still be profiting off of each client for as long as they’re ordering online from you. This is passive income and it is the money that your business makes for you with little or no extra effort. Passive income is your best friend and financial partner. It is how you can immediately begin to scale your business without any added investments in time or money!.

Why Did GlyMed Plus Become a Business Solutions Provider?

We saw the changes that were happening in the industry. More and more of our competitors, other professional skin care wholesalers, are opening up direct to consumer sales, partnering with Amazon, and cutting out the skin care providers like you who built their business. At GlyMed Plus, we took the time to look carefully at the direction the industry was going. Frankly, we didn’t like it. So, we went the opposite direction. We decided to invest in creating solutions for our skin care provider partners. We’re betting on you, as a skin care provider, because we realized something really important: We Grow When You Grow! So while many of our competitors are busy trying to undermine your business and sell direct to your clients, we are aggressively investing in your future success! We proudly remain a Purely Professional Skin Care business!

For more information on how you can partner with us and help us revolutionize the industry, call our corporate office at (800) 676-9667