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Introducing REGEN Rewards Gratis

Posted by GlyMed Plus on

Our August Blog post discussed our new REGEN Business Solutions business model and introduced our two new REGEN eCommerce technology platforms called REGEN Pro that provides our new 24/7/365 online wholesale ordering, and REGEN Retail that allows each account to offer their own customized GlyMed Plus online retail web store. As we noted in the blog post, we are unique in the industry in the sweeping nature of our commitment to grow the businesses of our skin care professional partners.

In this announcement, we are pleased to introduce the first of several new customer loyalty programs that together form REGEN Rewards. We call this new loyalty programs REGEN Rewards Gratis. We are also introducing REGEN Rewards Referrals, which you can read about here

REGEN Rewards Gratis

In our industry, order-based gratis has often been offered as a means of rewarding larger order totals or as a loyalty program incentive. GlyMed Plus has routinely offered some of the highest levels of order-based gratis. During our transformation work in the past year, we’ve had several important conversations with many of our customers and we made several important observations about the decades old approach of adding gratis to orders. These observations highlighted several problems with order-based gratis:

  • Time consuming - Adding gratis to orders added a great deal of time to the ordering process.
  • Added complexity - Adding gratis to orders increased the order complexity and the frequency of order errors.
  • Confusing offers - We also found that some of our promotional offers were confusing for our partners. Our Buy 12 Get 1 Free offer was rarely used and was often seen as confusing. Our “free quarterly” products were appreciated but because the products changed often, our accounts couldn’t really build them into their services and promotions.
  • Inconvenient - Many of our accounts often asked our sales staff to select their “free stuff” for them because the account needed to “get back to work.” thus negating much of the value of gratis to the account’s business.
  • Poor timing - Too often, the need to place an order and the timing of selecting material for marketing and promotions don’t align well so selecting gratis products was too often a last minute decision.
  • Too exclusive - Only a small proportion of our skin care partners qualified for gratis each quarter.

Our conclusion was that most of the time, order-based gratis was not really helping our skin care partners grow their businesses. Additionally, as we built our new eCommerce platforms, we were determined to keep the ordering process elegant and simple. These factors led us to ultimately conclude that we needed to find a better way to offer gratis.

As we discussed in our August Blog post, our REGEN Business Solutions vision is to grow our business by helping our skin care partners grow their businesses. So, we went to work to design a new approach to offering gratis that is more in keeping with our business solutions vision. Here’s what we came up with:

  • More Easily Attainable - Any account that places orders totalling $750 or more in the month now qualifies for 10% gratis on their entire monthly order total. Our Star Status accounts receive 15% gratis on their monthly order total.
  • Monthly Order Totals - Rather than compute gratis on qualifying orders only, our new gratis program is based on ALL orders placed during the month. This increases the value of gratis for the account because gratis is now based on the total of every product ordered during the month.
  • Gratis Consulting Appointment - Your GlyMed Plus Account Manager or Business Coordinator will set up a time each month that is convenient for the skin care professional to discuss their gratis amount and how it can be most successfully invested in helping to grow their business.
  • Flexibility In Gratis Products - We’ve broadened what is available for gratis so that the skin care professional can better target their specific client, services or marketing needs.
  • No More Confusing Offers - With our new gratis program this month, we are discontinuing all or our other gratis-like offers including our “Buy 12 Get 1 Free” and “Free Quarterly Products”. But don’t worry, you can use your gratis balance to continue receiving these free products without the confusion and narrow product selections.
  • New REGEN Promotions - With the launch of our REGEN Pro ordering platform, we’ve also begun to offer a wider array of discounted products. Please contact us at 1-800-676-9667 to get your REGEN Pro account set up today!

We are excited by what our new approach to offering gratis can mean for you and your business. Contact your Account Manager or Business Coordinator today to learn more!

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