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Introducing REGEN Rewards Referrals

Posted by GlyMed Plus on

Our August Blog post discussed our new REGEN Business Solutions business model and introduced our two new REGEN eCommerce technology platforms called REGEN Pro that provides our new 24/7/365 online wholesale ordering, and REGEN Retail that allows each account to offer their own customized GlyMed Plus online retail web store. As we noted in the blog post, we are unique in the industry in the sweeping nature of our commitment to grow the businesses of our skin care professional partners.

In this announcement, we are pleased to introduce the second of several new customer loyalty programs that together form REGEN Rewards. We call this new loyalty programs REGEN Rewards Referrals. We are also introducing REGEN Rewards Gratis, which you can read about here.

REGEN Rewards Referrals

Today, we are also introducing a new referrals program as part of our REGEN Rewards program. Over the 25+ years of our history, we have remained true to our skin care professionals and our Purely Professional business strategy. During this time, we have received thousands of unsolicited referrals and many of our new accounts continue to come to us as referrals from our loyal partners. We are so very grateful for this and while we have never taken it for granted, we are pleased today to outline our new referrals program that rewards our skin care partners for their trust and loyalty. Here’s our program:

  • $150 in gratis credit for each referred lead who opens an account with us and spends at least $350 in the first 30 days after becoming an account. NOTE: You can earn the referral reward whether you are a business owner or an esthetician working for a skin care business. If you are a licensed esthetician working for a skin care business or an instructor teaching in an esthetician program, we encourage you to open up your own personal GlyMed Plus account in order to receive the benefits of REGEN Rewards.
  • $150 in gratis credit for the skin care professional who opens a new account based on a referral from you and who spends at least $350 in the first 30 days after opening the account.
  • An additional $250 in gratis credit for each 5 (five) successful referrals in one month. This means an account with five successful referrals in one month will earn $1,000 in total gratis credit (5 times $150 equals $750 plus the $250 bonus makes the grand total $1,000 in gratis credit).
  • 15 (fifteen) successful referrals a year immediately earns the account our Bronze Star Status regardless of the account’s order volume. 25 successful referrals earns the account Silver Star Status and 50 or more successful referrals earns the account Gold Star Status.
  • Both businesses (the referrer and new account’s business) will be highlighted on the exciting new partner gallery.
  • To redeem gratis credit, each account will work with their GlyMed Plus Account Manager or Business Coordinator to select and place their rewards order.

To qualify for the referral, simply go to and complete the I’ve Got A Friend form. Tell your friend to expect a call from one of our Account Managers and be sure to let them know to tell us that they were referred by you.

Read about REGEN Rewards Gratis here!