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CSI: Clinical Skin Investigation

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How well do you really know your clients skin? Are you one of those aestheticians who view all skin equally for remedy options? How would you rate your professional savvy selecting the exact product formula or clinical treatment for your client's skin type?

In today's rapidly shifting skin care market, no room exists for lazy aestheticians arbitrarily advising inaccurate products based on marketing hype or uneducated judgment using treatments that can't deliver results because the skin type and problem(s) have not been properly identified. Before an aesthetician initiates the first treatment, a prudent skin health check-up should be a mandatory preliminary step to ensure home care products and the recommended clinical remedies compatible with the correct "skin type".

What is skin type? Many aestheticians fall into the trap of analytical skin evaluation based on general overview and render their clinical decisions using sketchy information at best. "Skin type" selection has become a science today and can no longer be judged on the antiquated oily, dry, normal, and acne condition of 1930's aesthetics. There are no two skins alike, even in identical twins. Any aesthetician relying on incomplete data concluded from common question and answers is taking a huge leap backwards, ultimately compromising results of the clinical treatment end point. Only progressive aestheticians can successfully acquire clinical end point outcome based on a systematic skin examination concluded from an in-depth information collection process. Putting this process into perspective, the aesthetician literally becomes a "skin detective" conducting CSI, or a "Corrective Skin Investigation".

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