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Camouflage Makeup

The Metamorphosis of Camouflage - Makeup Therapy

April 2011

Camouflage makeup therapy is unique to all skin types and conditions and supports an emotional rehabilitation providing a metamorphosis for the mind, body, and soul of the recipient. According to the English Word Dictionary metamorphosis is a word that indicates a complete or marked change of physical structure or a marked change in appearance, character or condition, or someone who has gone through a complete or marked change.

Camouflage makeup therapy is the application of a specialized composition to cover, poise, and minimize imperfections while enhancing natural beauty, correcting facial deformities, and/or reducing the effects of skin trauma brought on by congenital, accidental, dermatological, surgical challenges, or environmental assault.

One's "beauty," "handsomeness," or "strength of character" is generally mirrored through an individual’s face and hair and the degree to which these features are properly accentuated or emphasized can significantly determine the level of acceptance by peers and society in general.

Looking normal sometimes is the only goal in life for many individuals. This suffering can come from the influence of birth defects, disfiguring scars, abnormally distorted features, skin imperfections, dermatological conditions, or post surgical after effects. Even the challenges of aging are physical obstacles that include skin discolorations, pigmentation, uneven skin texture, and ‘broken’ capillaries that present their own barriers to normalcy.

In society, it can be a great challenge to overcome the aforementioned maladies. Everyone can recall the many fairy tales of their childhood that cast the heroine as beautiful, and the witch as ugly and mistreats her. These perceptions start early as innocent anecdotes yet the visual snapshot of these stories remain with us forever. The reality is our reflective/self image determines self-esteem and how we act or interact in society with a positive or negative behavior pattern.

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