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Achieving Healthy Skin through Healthy Cellular Function (Part 1 of 3) July 2005 DermaScope
Achieving Healthy Skin through Healthy Cellular Function (Part 2 of 3) August 2005 DermaScope
Achieving Healthy Skin through Healthy Cellular Function (Part 3 of 3) September 2005 DermaScope
Acne and African Skin September 2012 DermaScope
Acne and Skin of Color May 2003 DermaScope
Acne for all Ages October 2005 American Spa
Advanced Ultrasound Treatment for Skin February 2005 Skin Inc.
Beauty in the Beast December 2005 Skin Inc.
Becoming Involved in Licensure and the State Board June 2014 Skin Inc.
Being the Best— Leading the Way Ahead of the Rest July 1999 Skin Inc.
The Business of Retail January 2014 Skin Inc.
Cell Science: The Mighty Mitochondria June 2006 DermaScope
Changing Faces and Healing Souls April 2009 Skin Inc.
A Clean Slate January 2008 American Spa
A Colorful Future November 2004 American Spa
CSI: Clinical Skin Investigation Not Dated DermaScope
Distinguishing Between Skin Diseases Aestheticians Need to Recognize August 2013 DermaScope
Faking It July 2005 American Spa
The Fundamental Role of the Statum Corneum Not Dated DermaScope
Great Clients are Made, Not Born (Part 1 of 3) March 2006 DermaScope
Great Clients are Made, Not Born (Part 2 of 3) March 2006 DermaScope
Great Clients are Made, Not Born (Part 3 of 3) March 2006 DermaScope
Handling Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, alpha hydroxy acids, Asian, Native American, ethnic, hypopigmentation September 2012 Skin Inc.
Hydrating the Stratum Corneum With Ceremides September 2010 Skin Inc.
Managing the Challenge of Rosacea February 2013 DermaScope
Menopause: Identifying Climateractic Challenged Not Dated DermaScope
The Metamorphosis of Camouflage - Makeup Therapy April 2011 DermaScope
Muscle Marketing for Your Spa April 2014 Skin Inc.
New Age Attitude Toward AHAs July 2008 Skin Inc.
The New Skin of Color February 2006 Skin Inc.
Physiology & Psychology of a Teenager Not Dated DermaScope
The Physiology of Skin of Color April 2014 DermaScope
Precious Metal: Copper Peptides July 2005 American Spa
Premature Aging Skin Not Dated DermaScope
The Redness of Rosacea Not Dated DermaScope
The Role of the Medical Aesthetician September 2005 Plastic Surgery Practice
The Science Behind Aging Not Dated DermaScope
The Science Behind Professional Exfoliation Not Dated DermaScope
Shedding Some Light on Pigmentation January 2017 Skin Inc.
Skin Exfoliation Not Dated DermaScope
Spa Machine Safety June 2008 Skin Inc.
Stem Cell Science & Age Management of Skin May 2010 Skin Inc.
Targeting Adult Acne November 2005 American Spa
The Ugly Truth of Cellulite Not Dated DermaScope
Ultrasonic Facial Rejuvenation July/August 2005 Spa20/20
Ultrasound Science Not Dated DermaScope
Understanding Acids Not Dated DermaScope
Upselling Skin Care and Aesthetic Services July 2010 DermaScope
Who is the Brownest of us All? Not Dated DermaScope