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Muscle Marketing for Your Spa

April 1, 2014

Affirmation. Vision. Strategy. Goals. Creativity. Five words you should commit to your muscular memory to help create a bigger, more powerful position for your skin care facility to grow into. Thinking outside of the box will help to establish client addicts who are captivated by your company’s indelible customer experiences.

If your marketing efforts only extend to actions, such as handing out brochures and business cards, hanging wall posters, providing samples, and maintaining a simple website and a part-time Facebook presence, you’re practicing run-of-the-mill marketing.

There is no room for mediocre if you expect to win at marketing—you’re aware that small businesses are not afforded the luxury to spend the millions that Fortune 500 companies spend on marketing— however, Goliath was brought down with a small slingshot. In other words, stop worrying about that giant competitor and become laser-focused on your own business using unconven-tional and conventional marketing methods.

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