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Success in You

Changing Faces and Healing Souls

April 28, 2009

The second-degree burn on the left side of the face is no longer visible after an application of camouflage makeup.

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, the word “metamorphosis” means a striking alteration in appearance, character or circumstances. Metamorphic makeup therapy may aptly be described as unique to skin and emotional rehabilitation. It is also known as cosmetic makeup therapy, which involves the application of specialized camouflage makeup to cover and minimize imperfections while enhancing natural beauty, correcting facial deformities or reducing the effects of skin trauma brought on by congenital, accidental, dermatological or surgical challenges.

Looking normal

A person’s beauty and strength of character are often showcased through the face and hair, and the degree to which these features are properly accentuated or emphasized can significantly influence one’s level of peer and societal acceptance. Facial features affect a person’s self-image, which is the really important issue.

Looking normal can be the greatest—and sometimes the only—goal in life for many individuals. Facial issues may be suffered due to birth defects, disfiguring scars, abnormally distorted features, skin imperfections, dermatological conditions or postsurgical effects. Even the effects of aging are physical obstacles due to skin discolorations, uneven skin texture and broken capillaries.

In society, it can be a great challenge to overcome these maladies. You may recall the many fairy tales of your childhood that cast the heroine as beautiful and the witch as ugly and evil. These perceptions start early as innocent anecdotes and grow to become visual snapshots that remain forever. The reality is that the reflective self-image determines self-esteem and how a person acts and interacts within society.

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The Role of the Medical Aesthetician

September 18, 2005

Aestheticians are not only about skin care—they can be a major asset to any surgery practice

Facial rejuvenation and the war against the aging face have been important issues since the beginning of time. Countless historical documents describe surgical remedies, holistic applications, skin-care regimens, and diverse specialists working together to wage battles in this war. There is substantial evidence that, over the centuries, physicians and their colleagues developed a wide range of modalities to help combat the onslaught of wrinkles and the undesirable effects associated with aging.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, taught that these treatments and therapies, which were not normally associated with conventional health care, were beneficial to the health and well-being of his patients. Little did he know the extent to which his teachings would flourish in medical care in the 21st century. The popularity of facial rejuvenation is undeniably responsible for a new generation of health care specialists who augment the plastic surgeon’s skill in the war against the aging face.

Today’s progressive aesthetic plastic surgeons complement their skills by integrating the services of medical aestheticians into their practices. These individuals have become valuable assets within plastic surgery practices: They are not only support systems for physicians, they are also advocates for patients and work to achieve the best possible surgical outcomes for them.

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Being the Best—
Leading the Way Ahead of the Rest

July 1999

What is the passion that draws you to AAEA? Recognition? Opportunity? Wealth? Change? Education? Recognizing that AAEA is your opportunity for progressive change and growth will be the integral component that will lead you to a wealth of education.

Education is not a destination. It is a lifelong, rewarding journey. Are you passionate about your esthetic journey, or are you only “passing through,” in search of recognition, opportunity and wealth? In this artistic, elegant and creative world of esthetics, are you journeying along the Five-Star path progressing toward excellence, faithfully committed to becoming the best, earning the “A” in esthetics that acknowledges you as exceptional and separates you from the mediocre? The A in esthetics signifies that you are in the first-class section of esthetics, the Five-Star class that focuses on ability, achievement and attitude.

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