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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers with Christine

Christine Heathman

Was there a defining moment or experience that led you to the skin care industry?

Helping others with their severe skin challenges has always been my primary focus. You wouldn’t know it now, but I was a skinny, flat-chested girl with acne who endured teasing and bullying throughout my young life, which severely affected my self-esteem. I know what it feels like to be treated differently and I wanted to change that. My goal, however, was not just self-serving. Emerging into the skin business was a means of providing a valuable esthetic service and technologically advanced products to individuals afflicted with congenital, surgical, dermatological, and accidental skin traumas and empowering them to improve their lives. The skin makes the first impression and having beautiful skin provides confidence and well-being.

How did you overcome failure and how did you use that failure to project yourself to success?

Everyone will experience failure at some time in his or her career. True entrepreneurs will fail more than succeed, but learning from each disappointment helps me overcome, improve, and persist forward to win. I have never been a quitter. My passion for the skin business fuels me to always strive to be the most excellent at what I do, and I am fearless in my pursuit of superiority. I don’t listen to negativity and I stay true to my values. With this in mind, I can overcome anything.

What is the most important decision you have made that has contributed to your success?

As a single mother working in my small clinic located in the San Francisco Bay Area, I started GlyMed Plus using my own funds. I worked hard and never settled for mediocrity. My brand is built on authentic results, not marketing antidotal hype, using my unique formulations on my own clients who celebrated the fantastic outcome to their skin. My belief in myself and my ability to produce the best professional skin system available to estheticians stems from this successful experience of treating the worst skin and achieving superior endpoint results.

How do you deal with situations outside of your comfort zone?

Every situation is a learning curve. I have a saying: “to be successful you have to inconvenience yourself” and that means going outside your comfort zone. Let’s put it this way: if I had stayed in my comfort zone working in my small skin clinic in Concord, CA, GlyMed Plus would never have been born. At the recommendation of a plastic surgeon, I took a giant leap of faith to create my own skin care line. It was a long, and sometimes, arduous journey. I am successful today because I inconvenienced myself 25+ years ago. My philosophy has always been that education is not a destination but a journey. I always take the time to pursue educational opportunities. GlyMed Plus was founded on the tradition of excellence in aesthetics training and education.

Where do you see your company in 10 years?

As the skin industry expands, so does GlyMed Plus, with new innovative formulations. Science is currently discovering ground-breaking age reversal and dermatological ingredients and delivery systems to reverse the effects of environmental assaults, intrinsic aging, and imbalanced skin. GlyMed Plus will continue to be at the forefront in providing new and powerful professional formulations that turn back the skin aging clock, manage acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, etc. for all skin types and ethnicities, and helping individuals maintain their youthful-like skin.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Before building GlyMed Plus, I gained my experience with hands-on work in my skin care clinic, treating many serious skin afflictions. I collaborated with preeminent biochemists to produce a results-driven skin care system for all skin conditions, including, but not limited to, burn survivors, cancer patients, accident trauma, pre- and post-surgical skin, severe acne, aging, pigmentation, and all global skin types. By providing superior aesthetic education and professional only formulations, our commitment to the aesthetician is #1.

GlyMed Plus hires trained and experienced licensed Master Aestheticians. Our clients know when they call, a qualified Master Aesthetician is available to help them with their aesthetic needs. Our business coordinators are provided continued training on products and skin protocols to educate our clientele to help them achieve their business goals. With GlyMed Plus, our clients can be assured that they are receiving the best possible information and treatment recommendations to further build their business.

After moving GlyMed Plus headquarters to Utah, I became concerned about the lack of state licensing requirements for aestheticians. After years of hard work, House Bill HB105 was passed which established two-tiered licensing for estheticians and master estheticians.

No other company can make these claims.

How has your company changed with the times?

GlyMed Plus Professional Skin Systems has celebrated over 25 years of success because we acknowledge and adapt to industry changes and we stay true to my vision of integrity and honesty with Aesthetic professionals. Many companies have tried to imitate our business strategy to build their brand, but they don’t understand what makes us unique. GlyMed Plus remains loyal to you, the professional aesthetician, and does not sell directly through the retail market. By remaining true to our professional customers, schools, spas, skin clinics, and aestheticians, we help you build your business. Your success is our success.

If starting a new company in today’s market, what would you do differently?

Building a trusted brand in skin care takes years because you need to gain the confidence of the aestheticians. I gave this question a lot of thought because, at the time I began GlyMed Plus, things were different. Aside from a few modifications, there is little I would do differently. I am thrilled that the GlyMed Plus Professional Skin System brand has been acknowledged and established as the best. Our success has been built with loyal aestheticians who have remained true to GlyMed Plus for years. They recommend us to others seeking perfection in a professional skin system to build a successful clientele and profitable business. We love our clients!

What do you do to constantly challenge your underlying beliefs and assumptions?

This is a daily challenge in the professional skin industry, but the bottom line is to remain true to yourself, your company, and your product. I operate on scientific facts, published ingredient papers, skin studies, and documentation on dermatological conditions.

This industry is bloated with misleading information, anecdotal nonsense, silly marketing campaigns, and lies that taint the credibility of the aesthetic industry and confuse both licensed skin professionals and the consumer.

I urge licensed esthetic professionals to never assume anything and to always research skin care companies’ track record. That track record should include education, customer service, and results on formulations and clinical treatments. I also recommend that they research who owns the company and their commitment to the esthetician. Will they help to build the esthetician’s business or will they undermine them selling through unsubstantiated non-esthetic outlets that take business away from the esthetician?

How do you keep your feelings separate from your decision-making?

Maintaining objectivity in decision-making is a learned and necessary skill to be an influential and strong leader in business. Remember the saying “There’s no crying in baseball!” The same goes for decision-making in business. It is vital to the success of any organization that personal feelings are kept separate from the convoluted process of selecting the right choice and making the right decision for your business.

How do you bring courage and conviction to risky situations?

You either have courage and conviction, or you don’t. True entrepreneurs have strong convictions and are risk-takers. They are not followers who rip off others’ ideas. They are independent, forward-thinkers who spawn creative thoughts and take the risk of molding their inspiration into a resourceful reality. Entrepreneurs are generous and donate time and money, without an agenda, to pursue what is in the best interest of the skin care industry with no expectations of reward. I am an Aesthetician Entrepreneur and love taking risks. My love of the skin care business and my strong conviction propels me forward to help keep the US as the skin care leader in the world. I love what I do!

How do you practice personal development?

Personal development comes from unselfish learning experiences juxtaposing education. Does this mean a one dimension instructive experience? Absolutely not! Education is a generous give and take. It comes in many forms such as mentoring another esthetician where you end up growing from assisting the personal development of a colleague, learning a new skill to share, challenging yourself to move out of your comfort zone where you emerge as the best professional you can be, establishing a charitable endeavor to give back to society without expecting payback, doing an act of kindness daily, encouraging others to help navigate them to success in business, embracing humor to maintain emotional balance, and making new friends. This is my recipe for personal development; however, it never stops. Personal development is an ongoing endeavor that comes from your soul to mold you into a better esthetic professional and human being.

What has made you a leader in the industry and how have your advertisements reflected it?

I have always strived to be the best at what I do. My commitment is reflected in the formulations of Glymed Plus Purely Professional Skin System.

Receiving the coveted Crystal Award and being honored as an Aesthetic Legend and Aesthetic Industry Leader is one of my proudest moments because this recognition came from my peers. What an honor!

Professional recognition for the years of dedication to the skin care industry is truly humbling.

What is your daily skin care ritual?

My daily ritual can change as the environment and lifestyle does, however I am committed to a baseline protocol and incorporate other products as needed.



Once a week I do an AHA Active Exfoliator and YOUTH Firm Age Defying Peel or incorporate a DermaSound™ Elite treatment using the different formulations with cavitation, sonophorisis, and microamp.

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