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Christine's Skin Care Voyage

The Story of Christine Heathman and GlyMed Plus

This video chronicles the story of GlyMed Plus, and how Christine Heathman, the recipient of the 2014 Crystal Award, transformed the skin care industry. A pioneer in the field of esthetics, Christine Heathman’s 30+ years of professional service with the skin care industry has yielded numerous accolades for the GlyMed Plus founder, CEO, and skin care expert.

The Journey Begins……

Before Christine’s journey to facilitate help for people of all ages and ethnicities with tragic skin problems that ignited her passion of makeup artistry and aesthetics, her life began with humble beginnings as the oldest of eight children, one brother who passed away as an infant and a sister who died suddenly after they were adults. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom and her father an executive with General Motors.

You would never know it now, but Christine was a skinny, flat-chested girl with acne who endured teasing and bullying throughout her young life. This experience motivated her as an adult to reach out and understand the importance of helping those individuals of society that had been cast aside, teased, or viewed as less than normal. In a recent 2016 interview on a popular TV program spotlighting those who give back in unique ways, Christine stated, “I will do anything to help an animal or to help the under-privileged or to help someone who’s sick. It’s the people that are important to me.”

Christine sitting on the table
Fashion and Color Institute
Fascinated with makeup, hair, fashion, and skin care, Christine voraciously studied skin anatomy, histology, and physiology coupled with the art of medical makeup to heal and conceal skin imperfections brought on by accidents, dermatological disorders, and congenital and post op conditions. A novel medical skin care specialty for patients only known to a few plastic surgeons and burn units in the late 80’s, the desire to help these individuals launched Christine’s career as a young and ambitious makeup artist and skin specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area. During this era, Christine suffered from her own chronic acne condition and sought remedies from doctors and over-the-counter products without any success. Never one to give up, Christine took it upon herself to study and understand this challenging skin disease with months of trial and error finally clearing up her own acne. Soon after, Christine obtained her California aesthetics license, fueling her passion further to learn all she could about skin.

A unique and an anomaly of a human being recognized by many in the industry for a deep love of others and a passion to help people feel good about themselves, Christine founded Advanced Aesthetics, Inc. (AA) and went on to work with people who faced extremely serious skin afflictions ignored by both the medical and aesthetic communities. Christine’s reputation continued to grow as she successfully helped those with severely traumatized skin, accepting patient referrals from Bothin Burn Unit in San Francisco and the Dermatology Department at Stanford University Hospital. Christine became one of the first medical camouflage makeup artists in the United States and Europe. She authored a manual, taught advanced classes, donated time at hospitals, and developed unique camouflage makeup techniques using her experience as a specialty makeup artist and her knowledge of skin care to empower people to retake control of their lives to look and feel beautiful.

Advanced Aesthetics
Christine discovered the American Institute of Esthetics (AIE) in Huntington Beach, CA, founded by aesthetics celebrity and Christine’s mentor, the legendary Robert Diemer. Armed with new credentials, Christine made a quantum leap in her career and opened the first training center for skin and makeup of its kind inside her established skin care clinic in Concord, California. The exclusive curriculum consisted of color analysis, paramedical camouflage (the first makeup camouflage course to be recognized and licensed in the state of California), acne, peels, and specialized medical skin care. Classes were regularly filled to capacity and many successful individuals in the skin industry today attended AA courses taught by Christine during these years.

Christine’s philosophy has always been that education is not a destination but a journey and, because she practices what she preaches, Christine pursued continuing educational opportunities attending courses taught by the late Dermatologist Dr. Albert Kligman, Dr. Fitzpatrick (creator of the Fitzpatrick skin type scale), University courses, and hundreds of advanced skin care courses offered by the Academy of Dermatology conferences and plastic surgeons. Her acquired and practical knowledge led to an invitation to teach University of Utah advanced medical cosmetic surgery seminars.

Christine teaching in Malaysia
Teaching in Malaysia
Christine’s accomplishments in skin care treatments and medical makeup skills, along with her unique ability to teach and counsel afflicted individuals, extends beyond the United States. Christine has achieved international acclaim and has been invited to teach paramedical training courses in Zurich, Switzerland; Munich, Germany; and Austria where she returned several times due to the demand for her courses. She stated in a 1989 DermaScope article, “I want to make it clear to all that my goal is to elevate the prestige of American aesthetics and share our knowledge worldwide, thus crediting our profession. All of us can only benefit when we work together as a unit on a global basis, sharing, learning, and supporting each other.” She later presented additional classes in Munich, Germany. With continued courses in Europe, Christine received her license to practice aesthetics in Europe from the Board of Cosmetology in Düsseldorf, Germany. In the years since, Christine has taught advanced medical skin care to both aestheticians and physicians in Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil.

GlyMed Plus

Gentle Face Wash
First Edition
Gentle Face Wash
Following the success of her unconventional skin treatments and advanced training programs, a plastic surgeon suggested Christine develop her own skin care line. With that recommendation, she took a leap of faith. She stated, “I withdrew personal savings and used my credit card in 1991 and, after completing due diligence, collaborated with a talented biochemist to formulate my vision for the first truly professional skin care system, naming it GlyMed Plus.” Two years later, GlyMed Plus opened its international headquarters in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Christine and GlyMed Plus were way ahead of their times and remain so today. Because of her great love of animals, GlyMed Plus has always been, and will always be, cruelty free. Christine has and will always refuse to take the cheap route of producing her skin care line with the use of unnecessarily harmful or harsh chemicals in her professional formulations. Skin is a complicated immune organ and all GlyMed Plus formulas are synergistically created by using the skin’s natural environment –creating a biological eco-system compatibility for younger acting cells that product younger looking skin. Christine attributes the efficacy of GlyMed Plus to the authenticity of certified organic constituents, advanced science, antioxidants, and pure botanicals with which every cell in skin identifies. This quality assurance maintains the potency integrity in all GlyMed Plus formulations to support the youthful vigor of all types and color of skin.

Teaching & Education
AAEA Symposium
Christine’s love of learning and passion for teaching led her to establish the first International Medical Aesthetics Symposium in 1996. Her goal was to provide an environment that would merge top aesthetic and medical educators together in one powerful forum. The 2-day event was held at Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort until its third year when its popularity forced the event to be relocated to Park City, Utah to handle the number of attendees. Christine later turned the event over to American Aestheticians Education Association so she could focus on her growing business.

Christine’s knowledge of aesthetics and her skill in educating has shaped her into a powerful speaker. She has been invited as a guest on numerous TV shows, including CBS’ The Doctors and Lifetime’s The Balancing Act. She has written hundreds of articles for well-known skin and medical journals, including Skin Inc., DermaScope, American Spa, Plastic Surgery Times to name only a few. Christine is regularly invited to speak at major aesthetic events and trade shows. She is always ready and willing to share her knowledge with those around her.

Crystal Award 2014
Christine Heathman with Nina Curtis and Christele de la Haye
One of Christine’s proudest achievement came in 2014 when she was presented with the Crystal Award in Aesthetics, after being recognized as an Aesthetic Legend by DermaScope skin magazine. The Crystal Award is the aesthetics equivalent of an Academy Award. It is awarded to professionals who work endlessly and selflessly to improve the standards of the aesthetic industry. Click here to learn more.

Christine is the real deal, a true aesthetic pioneer, a licensed master esthetician in Utah, Washington, licensed in California, Europe, a licensed Massage Therapist, and an advocate for the entire aesthetic industry. She continues to drive the noble profession of aesthetics forward by studying and researching better methods, better ideas, and better ingredients to meet the needs of a growing variety of skin types. Christine’s love and compassion will inspire her to always keep one step ahead.

Licensing the first Master Aesthetics

Utah State Capitol
Christine Heathman at
the Utah State Capitol
In 1999, Christine spearheaded a group of professionals to acquire aesthetic licensing legislation for the state of Utah and was instrumental in establishing safety guidelines for Utah’s Master Esthetician License. Christine’s desire was to ensure the safety of the public by requiring aestheticians to undergo education and training as there was a potential risk of harm from chemicals used in the treatment room.

In January 2001, the Utah State Legislature introduced House Bill HB105 which required two-tiered licensing for a practicing esthetician and master esthetician. Governor Mike Leavitt signed the bill into law in March 2001, making Utah the first state to require such licensing. Other states, including Virginia and Washington, have since passed similar legislation. Daniel Jones, Bureau Manager for the Department of Occupational Licensing during this monumental event stated, “Christine was instrumental in the establishment of the first Master Esthetician license. She did not do it for personal gain but for the betterment of aestheticians everywhere. She has been one that could be counted on to help push her profession forward.”

Christine currently serves on the Utah State Board of Cosmetology Licensing, representing Master Aesthetics to protect consumer safety and the integrity of the aesthetic profession.

Animals are People Too!

Christine with Benji
Christine with her horse, Benji
Christine has always had a great love of horses. When she moved to Utah, she purchased a 17-acre piece of property near the Spanish Fork River. In 2003, she fulfilled a personal dream and completed a high-quality horse boarding and dressage facility, VIP Equine, that would meet her high expectations for horse care. Soon after, she fulfilled yet another dream when she purchased VIP’s Major Attraction, a 2003 APHA/PtHA black overo stallion. “My whole life I dreamed of owning horses. But not just any horse, it had to be the paint horse! And not just any paint, but beautiful black and white, palomino, bay and sorrel overo paints that would catch your breath and leave you speechless.”

She has a big heart and a generous spirit. Christine’s love of animals extends beyond her beloved horses. She shares her home with cute and lovable French bulldogs, a rescue pig named Penelope, and four goats. Christine donates generously to many animal shelters and animal rescue facilities and many of her beloved animal companions came into her life through adoption.

The Frenchies
Miss Bumbles and Chanel, the French Bulldogs


Her compassion extends to many organizations dedicated to helping people in need. Pam Cofer, Vice President of Journey Beyond Breast Cancer stated:

Christine and my paths first crossed in 1998 while I was working on an idea for an organization that would be able to give cancer survivors assistance beyond the abilities of local support groups. From the onset, Christine’s passion and understanding of what women with cancer endure was very insightful. Christine developed ‘Marie’s Gift,’ an incredible collection of GlyMed Plus facial products named after her Aunt Marie, who fought a courageous battle with breast cancer while making a difference in the lives of all she touched. Christine has donated Marie’s Gift to every woman at every one of our retreats for the past 10 years. Each time we contact her about an upcoming retreat her only question is, ‘How many women will be attending?’ Christine gives generously and unconditionally to many women with cancer that she may never meet. She is as beautiful inside as she is outside. To me, Christine Heathman is an earth angel.

Click here to learn more about Marie’s Gift. Christine continues to work with cancer patients on many levels through word of mouth. This is all done pro bono as she believes you have to give back.

Christine believes in living her life to the fullest. And is a very busy lady. She has impacted the lives of many people around her, and she will keep moving forward, encouraging and helping everyone she meets along the way.

I am an Esthetician

Christine talks about the importance of licensing and her pride in being a licensed master esthetician. She encourages all estheticians to be proud of their accomplishments and offers support through her 25 years of professional licensure.