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Meet Our Educators


The GlyMed Plus Institute of Skin Science™, has a long and strong history in the esthetic industry and is recognized for their AWARD WINNING courses on progressive skin care instruction. We provide comprehensive training programs for Medical Staff, Spa Professionals and Estheticians, offering the most up to date courses for Skin of Color, Acne, Chemical Exfoliants, Advanced Peeling, Pigmentation, Menopausal Skin, Medical Skin Treatments, Rosacea, Cell Science, Corrective Makeup, Facial and Body Massage, Ultrasound Skin Care, Medical Spa Education and more.

All GlyMed Plus® Instructors have extensive and lucrative careers in their fields of expertise and teach only science-based courses designed to make you truly successful. Our educators are all Licensed Master Estheticians, RNs, Physicians, Degreed Scientists, and/or Massage Therapists with dual degrees. GlyMed Plus® also features guest Physicians and Scientists who occasionally teach for the Institute on specialized subjects. The GlyMed Plus Institute of Skin Science™ is licensed and registered by the Utah Board of Regents with the Department of Education.

Sarah Robbins

Sarah received her license with High Honors from one of the Best Aesthetic schools in Utah and has worked over 8 years in the esthetic industry. Sarah's biggest passion in life is researching and understanding everything there is to know about our skin and what we can do to help care for it. "Knowledge is power and being an educator you have the opportunity to educate and empower many." She believes everyone should be able to look and feel their best!

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Jess Sanford

Jess Sanford completed her schooling with Honors as a Licensed Master Esthetician. She began teaching at Acaydia Spa and School of Esthetics in the laser department while also working in Utah’s most prestigious spa as an Esthetician before joining the education team at Glymed Plus. Jess believes that all skin is unique and no two people are alike when it comes to skin care. Her passion is creating specific home care and treatment regimens for each and every client. She also believes in the power of chemical peels, considering herself a master of chemical peels and how they can help you achieve real and long lasting results in your treatment room.

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Kadi Horrocks

Kadi grew up living outdoors in beautiful Utah between riding horses, softball, camping, and hiking. She still enjoys spending most of her time outside getting lost in the mountains with her horse Buster, weight lifting, or cozying up to a good movie with her pup Tebow. She have been in the skin care industry for 8 years now, and she loves the fact that GlyMed is scientifically backed to be effective for the skin and create real changes to the skin. GlyMed changed her life with her acne that she had grown up with, it was the only line that actually helped heal her skin issues and continues to improve it every day. Plus it is easy to back a company who is leaping bunny certified and keeps the environment in mind!

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Jessica Cummings

With more than 14 years of hands-on experience as a licensed Esthetician and Instructor, and a long list of advanced training certificates, Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge to her post as the New England Business Coordinator for GlyMed Plus. Jessica’s passion for the beauty industry, empathy for clients, and realistic grasp of the esthetician’s role in salon and medical environments, are just a few of the reasons she is able to develop learning strategies that are embraced by estheticians, school and business owners alike. She is a member of the North Shore Community College Esthetic Advisory Board, American Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) and the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers and Distributors Association (NCEA).

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Melissa Shippen

Melissa Shippen, Business Coordinator and Certified Trainer for Utah, has been with GlyMed Plus for 10 years. She is a Master Esthetician, and works closely with the Utah School Owners Beauty Association. Melissa is affiliated with many of the Esthetic Schools in Utah to provide a higher standard of education for Basic and Master Esthetic Programs. Melissa teaches classes in conjunction with The GlyMed Plus Institute of Skin Science, and partners with Physicians, Medical Spas and Day Spas throughout Utah to provide education, sales support and customer service to help them achieve their business goals. Melissa loves educating and has a passion for the skin care industry.

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Nikki Helferich

Nikki Helferich, GlyMed Plus Certified Trainer and Business Coordinator for the States of Illinois and Michigan, as been awarded the GlyMed Plus Business Coordinator of the Year Award for two years in a row. Nikki has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Oakland University in Michigan, and is a Certified Medical Laser Technician. She is also affiliated with the American Marketing Association as well as the Medical and Aesthetic Professional Network. Nikki has been with GlyMed Plus for over 14 years.

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Lauren Lowes

Lauren Lowes is a Certified Esthetician and Business Development Specialist for GlyMed Plus Canada. Lauren graduated with honours in Facials and Chemical Peels, and has used GlyMed Plus products for many years to help her client’s achieve their desired results. She is dedicated to helping her accounts achieve success by taking the time to understand their particular needs, and providing them with continuing education. Lauren has a passion for skin care and is continuously updating her education, which she enjoys sharing with others.

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Stephanie Nelson

Stephanie Nelson is a certified Aesthetician, Body Worker and Makeup Artist. She attended the private school Beauty Wellness Institute. She spent her first 5 years as an aesthetician working at a high end spas at Whistler British Columbia. She later moved to White Rock BC where she was first introduced to Glymed Plus. She fell in love with the line and results! 8 years later she started working exclusively with the line where she treats her clients in North Vancouver. She realized that not enough people knew about Glymed Plus in Canada, and decided to become an educator. Teaching has come natural to her, and her hands on approach has left her aestheticians feeling inspired. Stephanie dedicates her life to health and wellness. She encourages her clients to not only to take care of their skin, but over all health as well. She practises yoga daily, does CrossFit 4 times a week, and hikes in the beautiful BC rain forest every chance she gets. Beauty to her is from the inside out! Great skin care helps too!

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Grace Boyer

Grace has been with GlyMed Plus for over 15 years. Her long term relationship with GlyMed Plus has proven to be a life changing experience for her, her family, and thousands of her clients. She has travelled to Romania, Ukraine, Australia, and Chile to provide education on GlyMed Plus products.

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Frances Leon-Boyer

Frances Leon-Boyer has been a Certified GlyMed Plus Trainer and Distributor for Australia since 2006. In 2008, Frances received the GlyMed Plus Distributor of the Year Award. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences from La Trobe University in Melbourne and also an Associate Diploma of Health Sciences Beauty Therapy (Electrolysis, Aromatherapy and Lymphatic Drainage).

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Leanne Cashmore

Leanne is a Registered Nurse and has worked alongside Dr. Paul Salmon at the Skin Centre, the largest dermatology practice in New Zealand since 1997. Leanne is a GlyMed Plus New Zealand Trainer and Educator, educating beauty therapists, nurses and doctors alike in the use and treatment of GlyMed Plus products on client's skin. Leanne is an experienced laser and certified senior technician, trained in Dermal Fillers and Botox treatments.

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Leisa Mcgill

Leisa is a registered nurse who has worked at the Skin Centre since 2007. She is a Certified GlyMed Plus Trainer and Educator, with specialized training on peeling techniques, IPL, hair removal and Irdierm lasers. Leisa is known for her hands-on approach when teaching students.

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Janet Robbins

Janet Robbins, GlyMed Plus Business Coordinator and Certified Trainer since 1996, is the recipient of the GlyMed Plus Business Coordinator Education award for 2008. Janet is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Medical Electrologist, and Certified Laser Technician. She works and trains with physicians and dermatologists throughout the State of Florida, and owns and operates a medical skin care clinic and off-site GlyMed Plus training center. Janet also organizes seminars in Palm Beach that include alternative therapies for health and wellness.

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Jeri Cash

Jeri Cash, GlyMed Plus Certified Trainer and began her career as a Licensed Esthetician in 2006 and obtained her Esthetics Instructor License after an additional 1,000 hours of training. Jeri's clients and students can attest to the passion she has for skin care and she brings that same passion to the professionals she works with at GlyMed Plus. Jeri volunteers with local esthetics schools and mentors many newly licensed estheticians. In an industry that evolves as quickly as skin care, Jeri fully believes that continuing education is the cornerstone of esthetics. Jeri prides herself on, and sets high standards through her own continuing education by taking classes, attending trade shows and keeping up on the latest skin care developments by reading trade journals. Jeri resides in Indiana with her husband, sons & schnauzers.

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Maria Ustynovska

A beautician who trained at the Lustdorf Beauty Centre, Maria is the Director of GlyMed Plus Odessa and has worked with Grace Leonboyer where she was educated in the use of peels, general skin care, facials, waxing and DermaSound Plus. An internationally focused individual, Maria speaks Russian, Ukrainian and English.

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