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OXYGEN Is The Secret To Younger Acting Skin

OXYGEN Treatment CreamJanuary 1, 2015 Provo, UT

The new GlyMed Plus OXYGEN Treatment Cream is the next step in total skin health. This oxygen-rich soufflé resuscitates lifeless skin, supercharges cellular turnover, targets fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves the skin incredibly soft and luminous for a fresh, ageless look. OXYGEN Treatment Cream is recommended for all skin types and conditions to use daily, morning and night.

This formulation contains the highest quality natural botanicals as well as extract from the Nasturtium plant which is rich in nutrients and hemoglobin proteins. These specialized proteins assist in reducing hypoxic stress, increasing cellular metabolism, detoxifying waste, and restoring oxygen for younger acting skin. This product penetrates into the epidermis to restore, replenish, and revitalize skin at the cellular level.

The benefit of utilizing the GlyMed Plus OXYGEN Deep Pore Cleanser in conjunction with the OXYGEN Treatment Cream is the increase in oxygen-rich circulation which results in greater overall health and appearance of the skin. OXYGEN Treatment Cream aids in the reduction of inflammation, soothes blotchy complexion, and evens skin tone. In addition, using GlyMed Plus oxygen-infused products boosts the skin’s ability to function by removing cellular waste and increasing vital nutrients. This process allows the regeneration of younger-acting cells, thereby stimulating new, healthy skin!

How oxygen relates to aged skin

Oxygen is essential for the function and integrity of the Stratum Corneum and the BRF (Barrier Repair Function). Oxygen aids in the healing of acne, photo-damage, and pigmentation while increasing skin metabolism and cell detoxification. The chemistry of oxygen is a weapon against aging.

Oxygen deprivation creates stress on skin proteins and cellular DNA. Low oxygen levels, or hypoxic stress, causes a nutrient deficiency, temperature shock, and DNA damage. Oxygen normalizes the induction of HIF-1z, the hypoxic stress response factor, and the necessary tool to restore skin’s fibroblasts to a younger-acting state. Oxygen stimulates the protein synthesis responsible for the delivery of oxygen to the respiratory chain of cells. Oxygen deprivation inhibits basal keratinocyte proliferation, or slows down cellular turnover. Hypoxic stress leads to loss of tissue integrity which impacts the ability of wounded tissue to heal. Oxygen deficiency impairs overall cellular function. Oxygen Treatment Cream creates energy, detoxifies cells, and restores energy for younger acting skin.

Botanical extracts deliver oxygen 

The use of natural botanical extracts such as the nasturtium flower, enables the OXYGEN Treatment Cream to harness the benefits of this ingredient to deliver younger acting skin. Nasturtium has been used for hundreds of years as a natural antibiotic to treat the acne cycle. Nasturtium also aids in wound healing and the reduction of pigmentation. It is a powerful antioxidant which assists in neutralizing free radicals and protects against oxidation and cell damage from UV exposure. Oxygen increases macrophage activity, which is the skin’s ability to fight off foreign body infections. It’s also anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antifungal which aids in the treatment of acne, pigmentation, Rosacea, and other aging skin conditions. Nasturtium also contains natural proteins and amino acids that build up the skin, promoting rejuvenation and leaving the skin softer, smoother, and suppler.

What does that mean for us skin care professionals?

Oxygen is necessary component for the aesthetic professional to provide their clients with healthy skin, and GlyMed Plus has two OXYGEN INFUSED products for younger acting skin cells.

 OXYGEN Treatment Cream is available now through authorized GlyMed Plus skin care professionals. Contact your local representative about ordering this amazing product or call our corporate office at 1-800-676-9667 to find a spa, medical clinic, or skin care professionals near you.

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Christine Visits Chicago

Christine Heathman demonstrating the art of aesthetics regarding stem cell & DNA science to Mario Tricocci aestheticians in Chicago.


Christine Heathman being interviewed by a beauty writer for ALLURE magazine in Chicago.

Christine Heathman teaching Mario Tricocci aestheticians about Glymed and the new techniques in Progressive science aesthetics.

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Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa honors Christine Heathman

Crystal Award

Recognized for her work as a skin care expert, Christine Heathman is receiving the Crystal Award in Aesthetics

This year’s award recipient is Christine Heathman, an esthetic pioneer, licensed master esthetician, lecturer, educator, author, mentor and advocate for the esthetic industry. She is the owner of GlyMed Plus Professional Only Skin Care. Heathman has been a leader in research and scientific skin care and protocol development for 30 years and is an expert in aging, acne, skin of color, pigmentation and skin challenged by dermatological, accidental pre- and postsurgical and congenital conditions.

The crystal Award is the equivalent of an Academy Award in the film industry.

For those professionals who work endlessly and selflessly to improve the standards of the esthetics industry, recognition is well deserved. The Crystal Award, sponsored by Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa, recognizes the efforts and longevity of those individuals who have given so much to the profession.

Congratulations go out to Christine Heathman, this year’s Crystal Award recipient. Christine will receive the Crystal Award in Long Beach on September 7, on the main stage of the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa convention. An esthetic pioneer who has devoted her life to skin care, Christine Heathman is the owner of GlyMed Plus Professional Only Skin Care and a leader in research and scientific skin care and protocol development for 30 years. She is an expert in aging, acne, skin of color, pigmentation and skin challenged by dermatological, accidental pre- and postsurgical and congenital conditions.

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Christine Heathman Appointed to State Board


July 31, 2014 Provo, Utah

Christine Heathman has been appointed by to the Utah State Board of Cosmetology/Barbering, Esthetics, Electrology and Nail Technology Licensing. Christine Heathman played an instrumental role in establishing the first Master Esthetic License in the country in 2001 and is thrilled to be nominated to the board where she can continue to affect the requirements for state licensing. The appointment comes from Utah Governor, Gary Herbert.

The three-year appointment charges Ms. Heathman with carrying out a number of important responsibilities relating to licensing and in protecting the interests of the people of Utah. The opportunity to review current licensing issues and work on legislation related to state licensing is something that Ms. Heathman takes seriously. Working alongside staff members from the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, Christine Heathman will have a number of duties and responsibilities to perform over the coming months.

Utah was the first state to enact a Master Esthetic License in 2001. Since then Virginia, Washington and California have each passed legislation requiring licensing for aestheticians and master aestheticians. The current requirements a license in Utah are 600 hours for an esthetic license (LE) and 1200 hours for the master esthetic license (LME). In 2000 Christine Heathman worked tirelessly with other business leaders in the community to lobby the Utah State Legislator to require licensing for everyone using chemicals in the treatment room. She keeps the original signed House Bill, HB105 as a treasured memento of her work.

Christine Heathman is a skin expert and esthetics pioneer who has helped to shape American skin care throughout her 30-year career. She helped pass the first state Master Esthetician license, has appeared as a guest expert on popular national television, and has been described as a "legend" in the profession. Christine is the owner of GlyMed Plus Professional Only Skin Care and remains an innovator in research and development of unconventional and progressive skin care protocols, used in skin care and medical clinics all over the world.

For more information contact GlyMed Plus at 1-800-676-9667, email 

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