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There's Skincare, And Then There's GlyMed Plus

Here's what people are saying about us...

I used GlyMed Plus because it is a professional medical grade line that provides sustainable cellular changes through active ingredients and my clients skin are very happy with their simplified 4 basic home care regimen process with the additional cost of having scrubs and serums upfront.           

I love how the products are interchangeable and when providing specialized treatments to isolated issues I don't have to worry about an adverse reaction to the healthy skin that has developed. These products for me are an easy sell and I sell a lot of GlyMed Plus weekly. My clients refer to this as "Facial Crack" and it fly's off my self weekly. My clients who use these products have seen sustainable changes in their skin and their self-esteem and confidence has increased 200%

I love how GlyMed provides me with a personal representative who is licensed and highly skilled and knowledgeable of their products, treatments, and best practices. I love how my account manager and trainer is ALWAYS willing and available to spend time training me on how best to use their products, designing customized treatments for each client who needs special care, and she provides great mentorship and quarterly face to face training in house. It's important to me to have a partnership with my manufacture; one who truly cares about helping to grow my business and one who understands that its a 50/50 effort in selling products and building client confidence in the brand. GlyMed Plus understands the meaning of the word TEAM, which means “Together Everyone Achieves More.”  

No matter who answers the phone each person provides consistent information and displays professionalism in service. No matter whom I speak with I feel like I'm the only client they have spoken to all day.

GlyMed Plus offers pharmaceutical grade products that use science to deliver results. Many of our clients who use GlyMed Plus for the first time report positive changes to their skin in as little as two weeks. Over the past 20 years 99% of people who use GlyMed Plus continue to maintain, youger acting skin by using our 4-Step skincare program. Those who try other skincare brands return to GlyMed Plus because our products do what they claim to.

Jean L. McKoy, CEO
Faces Skin Care Centers, Sacramento, California


I use GlyMed Plus because of the science behind the product. GlyMed uses high quality ingredients which gives not only myself but my clients amazing results. I love the education that GlyMed offers. They hold classes every month to make sure you can stay on top of your business and offer the latest treatments. The staff at GlyMed is so friendly. Even when you meet Christine she greets you with a smile and a hug.  

Chelsea Pearson, Esthetician
Studio 145, Pocatello, Idaho


My husband and I own a salon in Tallahassee, Florida. Even though I am not a "big" account, you have treated me as if my small orders are as important as any others. (The) 'Business of Peels" opened my eyes with this class. I'm totally psyched about promoting peels, but I am just as excited about promoting my basic facial services to new clients. This class has given me lots of ideas, but more than that...I feel my back bar has doubled in size. I really wanted Christine to know this presentation was the "shot in the arm" I need and it gave me the confidence to jumpstart my services and begin promoting new retail products.

Suzanne Johnson
DS Designs, Tallahassee, Florida 


I love using Glymed Plus products because they are result orientate and you don’t have to wait weeks or months to see results.

Connie Reichenbach
Connie's Skincare, Grants Pass, OR


Seriously, GlyMed is the best products I've ever encountered for shaving. I have very sensitive skin and with GlyMed I've had zero issues with razor rash or skin irritations whatsoever! I love the shave cream and aftershave balm. I've been bragging to all of my friends about it. Thank you so much!

Mark Christopher Lawrence


I love being able to offer high performance professional skin care products to my clients. GlyMeds customer service is stellar, as are their marketing, support materials and ongoing educational opportunities.

Mary King Petrik
Esthetic Services by Mary, Des Moines WA